I want to let you in on a few secrets…

If you’re exploring parenting differently to your parents OR feel like you’re often spinning your parenting wheels, I want you know that:

You don’t have to have or learn any specific doctrine or philosophy;

You don’t have to figure EVERYTHING out this week;

You don’t have to wait months or years to start seeing results

You can raise a resilient and emotionally intelligent family even if that wasn’t your own experience;

You can create a wonderful family even when your partner may not yet be on board;

You can successfully raise children who want to be guided by you, so there isn’t all the crazy yelling and fighting.

This is where I can help and guide you.

Raising adults doesn’t have to be hard. And, you definitely don’t have to go it alone.

Are you ready for your family to THRIVE?



AUD$347 / month.  For twice monthly 1:1 sessions and tactical between session lazer support.

The reality of being in the early years of raising your family is that:


You NEED a mentor, not just training, book or an online course where you still have to figure everything out on your own.

You NEED a supportive environment surrounded by like-minded parents who are happy to share the journey and their wisdom, not criticise.

You NEED practical up-to-date advice about modern parenting strategies, and emotional intimacy so that you grow your own skills that enable you to lead without constant worry of falling back into old world.

Working with ME you receive: a dedicated, wholehearted mentor who will listen, guide, and bounce ideas around with you, so that you end up with the skills and strategy that enables you to communicate and guide each of the family members, aligned to how they are meant to be.

Minimum commitment

Twice Monthly Sessions for 3 months paid monthly

AUD $347/m VIP 1:1


Get the practical guidance you need to raise yourself and your family without overwhelm or confusion.

You CAN create peace and harmony at home and it would be my privilege to help your family thrive.