Before loosing it, PAUSE

Consider, what do you want the outcome to be?

Will loosing it help anyone in the long term?

As mothers, especially when at home together, it can be super frustrating to walk into a comparative bomb site.



WHEN we can appreciate that even though it’s a dreadful mess, if we keep our cool, collaborate together, cleaning up can be fun.

Yes, fun.

And the more it is a positive experience, the more likely it will be an easier task moving forward.


When we loose it.

The kids get frightened.

They are more likely to be in survival brain, and then any chance of learning has gone out the window.

So, next time there is a temptation to loose it, take that moment to pause.

It’s not going to make the mess worse, and it’ll give your thinking brain a chance to catch up, so that you get to a healthier result.

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs there is. It comes with heaps of responsibility, and no one is prepared for it.

Even having a previous child gives no guarantee that we are prepared for any future editions.

Our kids all tend to all be individuals, and no one size fits all solution exists.

Be kind to yourself.

As an adult we may have lived on the earth for longer, and as a parent we are as fresh at this parent child thing as our child is.

Be ok with learning together.

Parenting is a long game.

There will be trips and scrapes along the way.

There will still be plenty of opportunity to recover.

Find your tribe, the village that you can raise your child with.



Your child only needs to know that your are ok, and that you care for them.

Release the pressure of getting everything “right”.

Together we ARE Stronger.

Author – Leanne G Wakeling – Relationship and Communication Coach, Parenting Mentor,

Behaviour and Thinking Styles Profiler.

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