REPAIR and Reconnect

How to BOUNCE Back after the MELTDOWN


AEST Thursday  30th September 2021


Wednesday 29th September 2021

TIME: 8:30pm 

On this TRAINING you will Discover

Three simple steps to connecting with your family members and Create more Harmony at Home.

When we’re done, you’ll have the keys to enable 
  • Understanding the drivers behind many of you and your child’s choices
  • You to begin to trust the process to repair and reconnect
  • You to communicate more effectively enabling them to feel seen, heard and understood.
  • You to develop healthy boundaries that will enable increased quality of experience for the whole family.
  • Know you are enough, even when things go pear shaped.
Man and woman arguing

Join this FREE Live webinar to discover how to repair and reconnect through

understanding each other even better so that you

Easily adapt your parenting to reduce conflict and

develop a relationship of connected communication and mutual respect.

so you can keep moving towards the family you want to have and the you you want to be.

This session is designed to give you practical steps to take you forward on your mission to become the parent you want to be so that you can work together and skill your child/ren for success in the 21st century, and create more harmony at home.


I’m Leanne Wakeling

Chief Encouragement Officer

Life Coach, Parent Mentor, recovering minefield mother of four now adult children.

I am passionate about supporting mothers on the mission of raising well rounded, emotionally intelligent adults, with the resilience for navigating the 21st century world of work.

My passion comes from being a product of old world parenting.   Having experienced the shame and guilt that tends to be the fallout of cross generational emotional dysfunction that happens without conscious intention.  With fresh awareness I am driven to share the recovery journey that has enabled me to renew myself and reconnect even better with my children.

As I recover the person I was born to be, I believe that reclaiming and healing our inner child is a gift all parents can give to their children.  And experience the increase in quality of any relationships at the same time.