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Leanne Wakeling – you are a rockstar coach!
I had an awesome truth session with Leanne Wakeling yesterday – if you want honest straight talk coaching – Leanne cuts to the chase and has a wealth of knowledge about coaching and business resources too. Thankyou Leanne for being so generous with your time and wisdom. I got clearer on my avatar and next steps and actions – incredibly useful,

Lia Zalums

Owner , Success InSight

I have made some positive changes in my life, since having coaching sessions with Leanne. My self-esterm and confidence has improved greatly and I am taking actions towards achieving my goals. She helps me discover exactly what was holding me back from achieving the success that I desire. I feel like I am in control of my life now and the sense of empowerment is wonderful! Thank you Leanne and much gratitude and appreciation. Mariana

Radiologist/business mentor

Hey Leanne, Thanks for your advice and helping me find clarity about my job search and motivation for seeking full time work. I’m glad & have honestly stopped looking now for full time work, happy with the casual contract – so it turned out to be a good experience for me. Deb Rock

Job Seeker, Defence Partner

Leanne provided me with 6 sessions of Life Coaching in August, September and October 2015.

I appreciate her contribution to organise my thoughts when I underwent stress at work.  In her sessions she always wanted me to think differently and for me to get back to work as soon as possible, as I was away from work on stress leave.

Leanne possess a wealth of experience to coach her clients.  In her sessions, Leanne wanted me to challenge my way of thinking to find a solution to my problem. She is good in asking questions from the clients so that the client could easily find a solution by himself / herself.

Leanne is passionate about her coaching, and I have no doubt that her services will be useful to any person who experience any kind of adversity.

I would recommend to contact Leanne for her services if someone needs her help in Life Coaching. Kit Warusevitane

Private Client, Workplace Conflict, Department of Defence

Recently, I had the opportunity to be coached by Leanne for a session.

During this short time, Leanne asked questions that enabled me to think beyond my current situation and get to the heart of the issue, whilst also offering insights.  I was also made aware of my language patterns that can hinder my progress or move you forward.

By the end of the session I came away with strategies that I can effectively use within my daily life to make some necessary changes that will make a difference.

Thank you Leanne for making yourself available and coaching me, you are great. Trudy Cotter

Owner, Essential Mindset

Parenting Advice on working with a child with negative mindset.

This is such awesome advice, thank you!! I have worked with her this morning using your advice and a coaching approach and I can’t believe how self-reflective she was! I’m so proud! She’s got a plan, and she’s going to make a weekly planner for herself so she can track her efforts and reward herself. She has totally blown me away!! Thank you!! Amy Lanchester

Parent, RKWAGM