Do you wish there was an easier way to parent your neurodivergent/emotionally challenging child/ren and guide your family's harmony?

You can go around in circles  ……… you can stay frustrated and ………. you can wish, wait and hope it all works out… 


You can take the first steps towards the future you want for you family.   Creating a  pathway to reset, repair, reconnect, so that you feel confident and know how to handle whatever comes up.



If you want to:

  • Build stronger and more effective communication
  • Discover parenting and relationship tools, tips and strategies so that you can enable your happy harmonious family.
  • Get a super-clear, step-by-step guide so that you can reset, repair and reground your family any time with confidence.
  • And get it all done in less than 90 days.

… then you need …

Parent Beyond Labels to Create Harmony at Home

with Leanne G Wakeling

This is a comprehensive four step framework in which support and enable you to make the conscious changes to empower you and your family.   Equiping you with the foundations to create harmonious and healthy relationships, make effective choices and grounded decisions regardless of the position on the rollercoaster of family life.


Yes, there are some families that will readily thrive right now.
There are also some families that need to completely change the baseline foundations of communication.


Then, there are those in between – the families that will continue

on the rollercoaster of frustration, chaos and conflict

if they don’t make conscious and intentional changes.  


All families can evolve 

YOUR relationships and family culture can grow.

But you need three things: 

1.    Solid clear foundations
2.    Intention to make conscious changes
3.    A clear plan of where to head and how to get there.


The answer is NOT keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

The answer is NOT desperation tactics and panic parenting 

The answer is NOT setting an intention of perfection.


When we shift the way our children are raised,


I am going to help you, step-by-step.

I specialise in helping families who are ready to move from old world traditional parenting, that often leads to chaos and conflict.

We work together on enabling stronger emotional fitness through getting clarity on what makes us tick, busting through any limiting beliefs that may have been programmed from childhood enabling to reset  to harmony and happiness, even when it feels like a pipe dream.

Over the program we will

1.    Make collaborative decisions on where you need to focus in the short-term

2.    Refine your understanding of each family member though the filters of motivators and behaviour styles, so that you communicate with even more ease.

3.    Develop deeper confidence in the steps you are taking on the pathway to building the emotional fitness of your relationships.

4.    Get your mindset strong and resilient to nail the next 90 days (the duration to embed a new habit).

Your Guide, Coach and Mentor

During this program you will discover How To:

  • Establish critical trust between parent and child
  • Ensure children feel safe, secure, and cared for on a core level
  • ​Release you from unconscious, limiting, stressful and regrettable parenting patterns that serve neither you or your children
  • ​Become a clear and confident parent with whom your children WANT to cooperate
  • Create instant connection with your child/ren when they need you most (HINT: during breakdowns and tantrums!)
  • Increase a child’s ability to learn while ensuring their future happiness and confidence
  • ​Develop a relaxed, calm, centered parenting style
  • ​Model healthy relationships for children
  • ​Set limits PEACEFULLY without having to resort to punishments and consequences
  • ​Embrace authenticity by letting go of who you think you should be
  • ​Build a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence no matter the situation

I’m Ready to Empower even Healthier Family Relationships Now…

How it works:




  • Success Planning Session
  • 6 x coaching sessions with resources to support learning. (across 3 months)
  • Each session includes a practical deep-dive into the steps you need to take to ensure you are making consistent and sustainable improvements in the coming months.
  • You’ll have access to a Facebook Community, in which you can share your experience, ask questions, and access the collective masterminding of the community.
  • Bonus 1:1 Lazer support via email or messenger support to ensure feeling confident as you implement your newly designed system.
  • 6 x Family Mentoring sessions and access to group Q&A when the Building Beautiful Foundations Program is running.
  • All calls will be recorded and you will have access to them and the FB Group.