Empowering YOU to enable your family 

Discover how to

become Emotionally Intimate

with Self and Others

  • Step onto your Family Emotional Fitness Pathway and get started with building you and your family’s emotional fitness
  • ​Unlock how to focus on secure attachment so you can model healthy communication that empowers great relationships where you feel loved and protected
  • ​Recognise our emotional patterns and gain a deeper understanding of emotional reactivity, emotional distancing and emotional withholding.
  • Explore the power of curiosity and open ended questions; and how to bring what you’ve learnt into practice
  • ​Practice interpreting and understanding behaviour to enable accepting and making appropriate emotional bids
  • ​Learn how to build your rituals that align with your internal world
  • ​Discover how to manage conflict
Here’s What’s Included




Emotional Intimacy is how you turn the key on the doorway to your truest self. Your Centered Self is emotional in the purest and most wonderful sense of the word. Your Centered Self is comfortable with feeling, without self consciousness, or apology.







Notice your emotions fully. Pause. Observe. Experience.
Feel the emotion, fully. Without judgement.
Label your emotions, fully. Even if you’re unsure.




When you combine your passion with a proven system for success, you become unstoppable. This module is your step-by-step guide to learn the emotional intimacy coaching tools you can bring into practice right now for your clients. 




Emotions don’t ‘happen’ to you. They are a part of you. They are conditioning. They are what you practice. It’s time to stop blaming anyone else for how you feel. It’s time to allow yourself the gift of emotional intimacy.



Asking questions and listening for answers are incredibly powerful tools. When combined with rapport, they are a powerhouse duo and bring about effective, lasting change!




Access spirituality that empowers your emotions and feelings rather than using higher consciousness to suppress emotions. 





How to manage your emotions that are hard, intense, challenging and that you loop in. That will give the space to feel and let go of emotions such as anger, shame and grieving…..





Self-care is allowing yourself to appreciate the moment for what it is, instead of wishing it was something else.




Explore how you can set healthy boundaries for yourself and attract people who also have a strong sense of themselves. Learn how to become aware and develop the ability for active conscious involvement in your own inner world.





Discover the Safe problems that have been keeping you stuck, the stuff you think you ‘have’ to deal with. Learn how to replace your Safe problems with Risky problems that are a pathway to your shedding the mask and living the journey that matters more than any other journey we’ll ever take.





Explore the truth of who you are. The truest you. It symbolises you claiming your very core. This happens when you nurture your self-esteem.



BONUS Content


Aligned to your specific areas on interest and needs to support your success path.


How it Works

Your VIP Experience

We work together in a 1:1 coaching experience with 12 sessions over six months.

The coaching program is designed around research informed evidenced based coaching models.

There is a Planning for Success session, and then twice per month sessions.  Between session additional support available through our private Facebook community, Messenger and email.

There will be additional learning opportunities as well as information in audio, workbooks and email.


Your Guide, Coach and Mentor

Leanne G Wakeling

Trained in Meta DynamicsTM at the Professional Master Coach Level.  Behaviour and thinking styles profiling, emotional intimacy coaching.  Educated in human neurological development and Human Design.  Lived experience in parenting and navigating life with neurodivergence (ADHD, SPD, ODD, HSP).

I am passionate about Parenting Beyond Labels, and supporting parents navigating healing from their own childhood experiences to become the best parent for their child/ren.

Empowering you to create harmony at home through taking you on the journey of self discovery so that you gain the skills to coach and guide your child in a way that aligns to them.  Supporting them grow with self esteem and emotional fitness.

Having been “that (emotionally volatile) child” as well as parenting “that (dynamic poor impulse) child”, I appreciate both the emotional wounds that you might be carrying as well as understand the challenges of being triggered by your child and wishing to do the best and not always understanding how.

Working with me is about having a safe haven to practice being the safe haven for your child.

I offer a judgement free environment, where my mission is to partner with you while you build your resilience and confidence in the version of you, the one you are reclaiming.  The person you were created to be, who will be the best parent for your child.

We work together to find clarity around where you are now and where you want to be.  We design a journey together that empowers you to become the leader in your family.  Support and enabling your child/ren to become their version of success with your guidance and unconditional love.

Together we ARE Stronger.

I’m Ready to Reclaim Me Now…