Services and Support

Skilling to Raise successful 21st Century Adults
About Me

Family Support – Coach and Mentor

Family Culture Design

  • Create the Vision and design the Structure/scaffolding to enable success

Family Relationships

  • Couples
  • Marriage Preparation.
  • New Parent Support
  • Parent/Child
  • Co-parenting

    Skilling to Adult (youth development)

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Financial literacy
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Confidence and Negotiation
    • Job seeker preparation

    Personal Development and Lifestyle

    Emotional Intimacy

    • How well rounded is my emotional repertoire?
    • Do I have a healthy relationship with ALL emotions?
    • How well to I cope with other people as they experience their emotions, even the ones I feel uncomfortable?

    Applied in Family Relationships

    • Couples
    • Marriage Preparation
    • Emotional Fitness

      Lifestyle Career/Business

      Business Basics

      • Strategic Planning
      • Marketing and Branding 

      Finding Your Genius

      • Vision Creation
      • Financial Flexibility
      • Bust Limiting Beliefs
      • Values Alignment

      In order to create the outcome you really want.  Working together to support you gain clarity around what these elements are, so that you have a Touchstone or North Star to be working towards as you navigate through the jouney towards your ideal life.

      Programs, Tools, Resources


      • Your Success – self guided with options for more support.
      • Your Ultimate Self – Deep dive personal exploration with support of a community and personal coach.

      With IN PERSON Mentoring

      • Parenting 101 – Foundations to Create Harmony at Home
      • Empowering YOU

          Tools and Resources

          • Understand behaviour energies (DISC)
          • Zone of Genius Meta DynamicsTM
          • Strengths Finding
          • BIG Five
          • Define your Ideal AVERAGE Day
          • Clarity on your Values (Elicitation)
          • Wheel of Life

          THE MISSION

          Build Healthy Boundaries & A Strong Family Culture

          Enabling conscious wholehearted adults to create sustainability in family communication and relationships.

          Setting children up to become emotionally intelligent and resilient adults.  These are the skills more aligned to the needs of the future in the 21st century.

          We are in the midst of the biggest shift in society and how it functions as we move further into this century. Emotional Intelligence being the greatest predictor of success.





          107 Barr Smith Ave, Bonython ACT Australia.