Are you struggling with the transition to Conscious Parenting?

Mum and child boundaries


Do you feel guilty and frustrated, falling back into OLD world parenting?

Do you wish that there was a way to feel grounded and confident?



If you want to:

  • Break the old cycles of traditional Command & Control (authoritarian) parenting

    Build stronger and more effective communication

    Discover tools, strategies and models to enable success

    Get a super-clear, step-by-step plan in place for the next 100 days

    And get it all done sooner rather than later

… then you need to…

Build Beautiful Foundations 


Confident Conscious Parenting 
This is an two phase program.


Phase 1 is four weeks of defining the strategic and necessary changes for you and your family with weekly group hotseat coaching to ensure you have the foundations.

With eight weeks follow-on high touch group mentoring support to ensure you feel confident, create sustainable communication and culture success, regardless of the position on the rollercoaster of family life.


Some of us are DIYers, and are ok to keep going and trying to figure it out on our own.

The rest of us accept that we are our own limitation and appreciate the value of engaging a coach/mentor to guide the way.


The reality is, with the appropriate support and guidance YOUR family relationships and healthy emotional culture can grow.

But you need three things:

1.    Strategic foundations
2.    Intention to make conscious changes
3.    A clear plan of where to head and how to get there.

The answer is NOT keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

The answer is NOT desperation tactics and panic parenting

The answer is NOT setting an intention of perfection.

I am going to be there to support and guide you, step-by-step.

I specialise in helping families to envision the future they want and design the system that empowers sustainable success, even when it feels like a pipe dream.

I appreciate the challenges of raising a young family without the benefit of extended family or access to trusted advisors to guide the way.

Having begun my parent journey on the other side of the world to my extended family and mostly only having access to peers ie other mothers with young families to be my support system.  There were so many things that we as a collective didn’t know.

As my children grew older, and they were able to provide feedback, I also realised the things that I’d done that were never my intention, that had impact on my children.  Had I known at the time I could have approached differently.


Your Guide, Coach and Mentor
In a few short weeks as we work closely together you will feel more confident.

You’ll know exactly where you are headed.  We work together on perspective, tools tips and strategies of what  to do and how to say things so that you feel more confident. The inner confidence will resonate with your child/ren, and provide them with the certainty they need to be more relaxed and able to meet expectations.


Over the program we will:

1.    Make strategic decisions on where you need to focus in the short-term
2.    Refine your communication and mutual understanding of family members…
3.    Develop deeper confidence in the steps you are taking

4.    Build a week-by-week action plan based on proven strategies
5.    Get your mindset strong and resilient to nail the next 100 days.


 So you can make progress, feel confident as you go and adjust as you need.






I’m Ready to Empower even Healthier Family Relationships Now…

You receive 

  • Coaching on the Build Beautiful Foundations Four step framework – with resources to support learning.
  • Supporting material of practical deep-dive into the steps you need to take to ensure you are making consistent and sustainable improvements in the coming months
  • Month 1 – establishing the foundations 4 x weekly lessons with Coaching calls, for clearing any mindset hiccups and sort specific challenges to ensure you can apply the process to your specific family needs.
  • Month 2-3 creating sustainability weekly mentoring and Q&A calls while you embed the new learning and mindset (after all they say it takes 21 days to break an old mindset and 80 days to embed a new one).
  • You’ll have access to additional support through the BBF Facebook Group, in which you can share your progress, ask questions and reach out through email or messenger for personal 1:1 feedback between sessions.
  • You can join Conscious Wholehearted Parents and access the collective masterminding of the community.