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HELLO Lovely

So glad you found your way HERE.

Parenting, it’s about THE most important mission on the planet, and it’s probably the one with the least amount of education to prepare us for what is coming.

As the mother of four, now adult children, I recall the complete naivety that I had when my first child arrived. 

I was 22yo, fairly young compared to many of the more recent generations of parents, with pretty much a “fly by the seat of my pants attitude”. 

As a military partner, I had no immediate family around to lean on or learn from, and many of my friends were in a similar age bracket.

About the only thing I knew for certain was that I didn’t want to be a mum like my own mum.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, I just knew that I didn’t like the way I was parented, how I felt with how they interacted. 

Not actually that unusual for a child born in the 1960s, we were in the beginning of New version, Positive Parenting movement as we began our own families.


Not everyone’s cup of tea.

I tend to be direct and honest, meaning that even though good intentioned, I can come across as blunt (and sensitive types may describe as rude).  

The people who value me and my style appreciate that honest means, we get straight to the point.  Maturity has meant that includes a lot more softeners than I did when I was younger.  

My friends have always valued my frankness, wisdom and perspective that I bring to situations and challenges.  My clients, though not always comfortable they also, come to me because I won’t let their personal BS get in the way of reaching their desired outcome.


Your Champion and Cheerleader

I believe you already have everything you need inside you and that all you need is a mentor/guide to support you to take the journey of rediscovery the resources that got lost or hijacked during childhood.

My mission is supporting you to accept yourself, as you are, so that you can become the person you want to be.

My Zone of GENIUS

Seeing through CHAOS and supporting you to untangle it.

I have been described as a “cat with a ball of string”.  I am not easily overwhelmed by other people’s STUFF (metaphorical or physical).

I have experience in working with families escaping trauma, men and women escaping abusive relationships, adults taking the journey back to discovering the person they were meant to be before the roles of childhood tookover.

I do well in crisis circumstances.  I am highly resilient, and very independent, which has held me in good stead.  What that gives you is somewhere to lean into while you gain the self trust and confidence to keep moving forward towards the future you are creating for yourself and your family.

I look forward to connecting with you on your journey back to you.


You can also find me on Facebook at Leanne G Wakeling,


My groups

Conscious and Intentional Parenting – Raising 21st Century Adults and

Create the Future of You – Live Life on Purpose.


What Is Life Coaching?

In its simplest form coaching is a relationship between two people, the coach and the client.

Coaching assists a client to achieve whatever they want in all areas of their life. It identifies where the individual is currently in their lives, where they want to be, what choices they have for closing this gap and finally what they will commit to.

Coaching provides a thought-provoking and innovative process to assist, support, champion and challenge the client so they are equipped with the strategies for generative learning and to achieve their potential.