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Here’s what others are saying…

“Leanne, Thank you so much.  I gained so much needed perspective and reassurance.”

Almie. PPV 2020.

Your advice and knowledge are so compelling. I actually tried your suggestion this evening and I think I kind of got through to my daughter. She seemed almost stunned that I acknowledged her poor feelings about herself and how she must be dealing with some difficult things to feel this way. She actually mentioned that kids are “mean” daily to her which I did not know. I told her that when she is ready I am always available to help her. Plus, your insight on wanting acceptance is very true as she often brings snacks to school to appease other kids.

I am so very greatful for you advice and the advice of everyone. I like the concept of handling the mean words differently and I will pick up Daniel Siegel’s books you recommended. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Thank you so much Leanne and God Bless! 🙂

Allison O’Dea

“Leanne, Your advice and knowledge is so compelling.  I tried your suggestion to validate my daughters poor feelings, and I think I finally got through to her.  Plus your insight was very true.  I am so grateful for your advice.”

Allison. Positive Parenting.

Leanne, I have wanted to tell you for some time. Your philosophy expressed in your advice to parents and to me has changed the way I parent and model to other parents when I work with children in Early Intervention. It has also positively influenced the way I am supervising another professional as she is in her journey to get her license in counseling. I talk about your teachings during supervision as it relates to clients and communicating with both child and parent in a positive way. I am just so thankful that I joined the parenting website and have been positively changed. Thank you so much!!! Judy”

Wow, Leanne Wakeling! That’s all amazing and valuable! I love your advice! I appreciated it a lot! Btw, What is your favorite book of all time?

Carmelle Cottrell

Holy moly! Her coaching session with me was incredible! I had a running story that kept me in a self­ sabotage loop and Leanne brought this to the surface with her intuitive questioning and honest viewpoints.
What I loved most about the whole process was that Leanne didn’t let me get away with my own bullshit. I have run rings around a lot of coaches with my quick mind (and I’m not proud of it) but she looked through all of that and compassionately directed me to address my attention to the REAL problem at hand.

I would highly recommend Leanne if you are one of those peeps who find it hard to get a coach who can really hold space for your power and strength and not get intimidated.

She’s a sharp shooter which Iappreciate as a no-no sense wanna-get­shit- done kind of woman that I am (so maybe not for the sensitive types or those not willing to take some honest, hard truths/feedback).

Thanks Leanne. You’ve really helped me move past this unconcious loop that I’ve had running through my entire life! So much gratitude