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Leanne G Wakeling

Parenting Mentor / Life, Relationship and Re-Parenting Coach 

Family Relationship Coach and Mentoring

Parenting is tough, especially in the environment of new world understanding of human development and neuropsychology.

Particularly for those who are overcoming their own emotional limitations from being raised in traditional parenting command and control homes.

You may have done the research, read the books, and even tried applying the theories, and still seeking sustainable success.  It’s then that you need a mentor.

Personal Life and Re-Parenting Coaching

Working with you as a neutral party to enable and empower you to become the best version of yourself.

Re-parenting support if that’s a foundation that was missed or compromised.

Smart, educated people engage a life coach because they appreciate that they are their own limitation.


to Parent with Confidence

Our programs are designed to walk with you and champion you with next steps.

Our mission is to enable you to step back from the whirlwind of everyday

Gain clarity around where you want to head 

Design a roadmap to enable you to get there

Build the foundations to create sustainability

Provide  a community to journey with you

Family Support Coach and Mentoring
  • Dealing with difficult child
  • Stop yelling and find the calm
  • Understand behaviour energies (DISC)
  • Parents as Leaders
Skilling to Adult
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Financial literacy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Confidence and Negotiation
  • Job seeker preparation
Family Culture Design
  • Supporting the family to create a Vision of the family they wish to become.
  • Assist design the support systems, scaffolding and structures in order to achieve the Vision.
Personal Development
Online programs

  • Your Success – self guided with options for more support.
  • Your Ultimate Self – Deep dive personal exploration with support of a community and personal coach.
  • 1:1, group, face to face via Zoom.
Emotional Intimacy.
  • How well rounded is my emotional repertoire?
  • Do I have a healthy relationship with ALL emotions, even the ones I may have been taught are bad?
  • How well to I cope with other people as they experience their emotions, even the ones I feel uncomfortable?



Create Peace at Home pamphlet

Overview of The Critical Alignment Model for Parenting.

Create Peace at HOME

Learn how to develop the framework and apply the structures to enable sustainable success.

12 week 1:1 Coaching program.

What others SAY

“Leanne, Thank you so much.  I gained so much needed perspective and reassurance.”

Almie. PPV 2020.

“Leanne, Your advice and knowledge is so compelling.  I tried your suggestion to validate my daughters poor feelings, and I think I finally got through to her.  Plus your insight was very true.  I am so grateful for your advice.”


Allison. Positive Parenting.


Leanne, I have wanted to tell you for some time. Your philosophy expressed in your advice to parents and to me has changed the way I parent and model to other parents when I work with children in Early Intervention. It has also positively influenced the way I am supervising another professional as she is in her journey to get her license in counseling. I talk about your teachings during supervision as it relates to clients and communicating with both child and parent in a positive way. I am just so thankful that I joined the parenting website and have been positively changed. Thank you so much!!! Judy”