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Family Relationship Coach and Mentoring

Parenting is tough, especially in the environment of new world understanding of human development and neuropsychology.

Particularly for those who are overcoming their own emotional limitations from being raised in traditional parenting command and control homes.

You may have done the research, read the books, and even tried applying the theories, and still seeking sustainable success.  It’s then that you need a mentor.


What is Family Coaching?

Family coaching is a process where one or more members of a family partners with a coach to address goals that will ultimately improve their family dynamics. A parent coach is someone who helps parents with parenting challenges by offering alternative perspectives around family situations, uncovering strategies to shift behaviour and family dynamics and helping parents achieve their parenting goals.

Parenting coaches and mentors are emerging as a new way for parents to gain support for a variety of parenting issues. Coaching to enhance skills and mentoring as a trusted advisor to support building new family culture and break the tribal cycle of the way you were brought up, IF that’s amongst the challenges you are working to overcome.

Essentially we’re here to serve as an alternative to your parents, who with best intentions may not have the models, methods or strategies that you wish to take forward.

Services and Support

Family Support Coach and Mentoring

Family Support Coach and Mentoring
  • Dealing with difficult child
  • Stop yelling and find the calm
  • Understand behaviour energies (DISC)
  • Parents as Leaders

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Family Culture Design
  • Supporting the family to create a Vision of the family they wish to become.
  • Assist design the support systems, scaffolding and structures in order to achieve the Vision.

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Skilling to Adult
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Financial literacy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Confidence and Negotiation
  • Job seeker preparation

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Personal Development

Emotional Intimacy
  • How well rounded is my emotional repertoire?
  • Do I have a healthy relationship with ALL emotions, even the ones I may have been taught are bad?
  • How well to I cope with other people as they experience their emotions, even the ones I feel uncomfortable?

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Personal Development

Online programs

  • Your Success – self guided with options for more support.
  • Your Ultimate Self – Deep dive personal exploration with support of a community and personal coach.
  • 1:1, group, face to face via Zoom.

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Programs, Tools, Resources



  • Your Success – self guided with options for more support.
  • Your Ultimate Self – Deep dive personal exploration with support of a community and personal coach.

With IN PERSON Mentoring

  • Parenting 101 – Foundations to Create Harmony at Home
  • Empowering YOU

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Tools and Resources
  • Understand behaviour energies (DISC)
  • Zone of Genius Meta DynamicsTM
  • Strengths Finding
  • BIG Five
  • Define your Ideal AVERAGE Day
  • Clarity on your Values (Elicitation)
  • Wheel of Life

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 Our programs are designed to walk with you and champion you with next steps.

Our mission is to enable you to step back from the whirlwind of everyday

  • Gain clarity around where you want to head
  • Design a pathway to get there that aligns to your goals and family. 
  • Build the foundational skills to reset, repair and reconnect. 
  • Provide  a community to journey with you

Create Harmony at Home pamphlet

Overview of The Critical Alignment Model for Parenting.

Parent with Confidence for Harmony at HOME

Let’s collaborate and develop the pathway for your family to build the skills that enable ongoing Harmony.

12 week Coaching program.

My Approach to Coaching

Compassionate, direct, no BS.  Passionate for empowering you to achieve the vision you have for your life.

I bring to the table a blend of life experience and technical coaching skills.

With a strong background in business, I apply many of the principles of business and leadership into our coaching and mentoring relationship.

Our journey together is a partnership.  My job is to support you find the resources that you may have misplaced along the way.



Build Healthy Boundaries & A Strong Family Culture

Enabling conscious wholehearted adults to create sustainability in family communication and relationships.

Setting children up to become emotionally intelligent and resilient adults.  These are the skills more aligned to the needs of the future in the 21st century.

We are in the midst of the biggest shift in society and how it functions as we move further into this century. Emotional Intelligence being the greatest predictor of success.

What People are Saying

Leanne, The philosophy in the advice that you provide to parents, and to me has changed the way I parent and model to other parents when I work with children in early intervention.  It has also positively influenced the I am supervising another professional as she is journeying through to get her license in counselling.  I talk about your teachings during supervision as it relates to clients and communicating with both parent and child in a positive way.  I am just so thankful that I joined your parenting group and have been positively changed.  Thank you so much.

Judy Hayes

Social Worker and Parent

Leanne, Thank you so much, I have gained so much needed perspective and reassurance.


Mother, PPV 2020

Leanne, Your advice and knowledge is so compelling.  I tried you’re your suggestion to validate my daughter’s poor feelings.  I think I finally got through to her.  Plus your insight is very true, I am so grateful for your guidance.

Allison O'Dea

PPV 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Coaching?

Family coaching is about supporting a family to become even better.

As in any type of coaching arrangement, it isn’t about what is wrong.  Though there might be opportunities to do even better.

If there are things that aren’t going the way that you want, it can be valueable to get some outside feedback from someone who is less invested in what’s happening.  Someone who isn’t taking sides.

We are our own limitation.  Same as when editing, we are our own worst editors.  We see what we expect to see, so miss the simple opportunities, that are just out of our persepctive.


How Do I Know if Family Coaching Is Right for Me?

This is only something you can decide.  

What do you want for your family?  

Are you succeeding in reaching that desire?

If you’ve read the books and tried the strategies and principles and things still aren’t working, then perhaps family coaching is the next step to get you on the track you want to be.

Do You Only Work With Families Experiencing Problems?

Like any coaching arrangement, it’s determining what is the goal that you want to achieve, and is coaching the best way to enable achieving that goal?

Though many families do come because they are experiencing a specific issue, this is often only a reflection of where the focus is, right now.

I work with families in finding the underlying cause that is driving the issue, and then we work together to create a sustainable solutuion.

I love working with families and watching them flourish as they resolve the cause of issues.  Looking forward to supporting you to achieve your ideal future.

Do You Offer Ongoing Support Services?

The short answer is yes.  Though my personal philosophy is that as you get the foundations you need, and build confidence in your skills, the level of support required reduces.

The medium term mission is to develop a membership, with ongoing support and access to a variety of resources, tips, coaching and mentoring that will give you certainty that when one of those “out of the box” issues comes up, that you will feel fully supported.

Do You Only Coach Families?

While families are the focus, my mission is enabling the next generation of children to be raised to be emotionally intelligent and resilient adults ready for the needs to being competitive in the 21st century.  

In order to support the mission, working with couples on their relationship, so that they are operating in a team is ONE of the options available.

It’s so much easier to resolve the typical parenting issues by educating, enabling and empowering a couple to have a great relationship and excellent communication skills before kids arrive.  When both parents have already resolved the issues that often drive poor reaction and insecurity, then their children have a strong foundation already set for success.





Bonython, Canberra, ACT Australia.