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Transformation to Live Life on PURPOSE

Our mission is to enable you to step back from the whirlwind of everyday and gain clarity around where you want to head and how you want to get there.

Whether you are feeling undervalued and know there is more to life than waiting to be recognised, or simply ready for a new challenge in life.  Our programs are designed to walk with you and champion you with those next steps.

Whether you are

  • preparing for transition to work/education/retirement
  • looking for more flexibility in your work life
  • at the fledgling stage of self-employment or business
Our programs enhance your certainty by

  • Supporting you gain clarity of your desired future
  • Designing a roadmap to enable you to get there
  • Build the foundations to create sustainability
  • Identify your strengths and stretches to ensure further investments in education/business are well targeted
  • Creating a community to journey with you


Finding Your GENIUS

Your Ultimate SUCCESS

Personal Development




Understanding yourself better, discovering where you are energised and why some things suck the life out of you. How you think, where your strengths and stretches are. With the opportunity to create a plan to take you where you want to be.


Giving you flexibility to grow you skills at your own pace. Self driven programs in Personal Development, Leadership Development and Business Preparation and Sales skills training.
Making it easier to do from anywhere in the world.

Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation

One to One, Group either in person or via distance (phone, skype, Zoom).
Personal Development
Career Coaching
Business Newbies preparation
Finding Your Genius


Hi, this is me, Leanne Wakeling.  I am the mother of four now adult children.  I spent many years as an at home parent, and accompanying my military husband around the country, including overseas posts.  Having experienced the frustration of finding suitable employment and balancing the military lifestyle, I have developed a passion for assisting women, like you, through the variety of transitions that inevitably occur throughout our lives as a student, a partner, a mother and into retirement (aka, life after employment).
I was never really satisfied with being a SAHM, I love my children and being with grownups was also really important so we were rarely at home, and on the occasions that I did manage to stay at home was usually because I’d volunteered to do something for someone or whatever organisation I was active with at the time.  What this meant is the development of a really cool set of very diverse skills, including awesome problem solving and the ability to connect possibilities and options that many people don’t seem to do as naturally.
Having been through the variety of trying things out, I understand how difficult and frustrating it is to jump into something and then find it really wasn’t for me.  It has only been in the last few years, since becoming a coach and profiler am I really now understanding why I found some things so irritating and others so enjoyable.  It has been awesome discovering that we don’t have to go in blind because we think something sounds good or because we are good at it.

We can find out before we get started by putting together what we believe our purpose is, ie discovering our WHY, learning what out preferred behavioural style is, and blending that with our interests, skills, experience to put the effort into study, work, business that really floats our boat.  No more trial and error and thousands wasted down study pathways that lead to a qualification that isn’t what we thought it would be, because it doesn’t align to who we are and how we prefer to operate.

As Jim Collins wrote in his book “Good to Great”, if all we are is good at something, we are unlikely to ever be great, and no matter who mediocre we are at something, if we are passionate about we can become great.  My passion is empowering people to be all they can be, achieve what their desires are and now I get to do that through my skills as coach and the programs I am designing and have access to.

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