I was recently reading this article from Jamie Varon in the Huffington Post titled

Making our own way to our version of success.

Finding Our Own Direction

“To anyone who Thinks They’re Falling Behind.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jamie-varon/to-anyone-who-thinks-theyre-falling-behind_b_9190758.html

The thing is that this article will appeal to those who are happy to be sitting in the mire and afraid to move.

My fervent wish is that we all realise we all have the ability to choose how we respond to EVERYTHING. I agree with what is the point of being frustrated about something that happened in the past.  I spent years tying myself in knots, losing sleep and rerunning events in my head to find how I could make things turn out differently.

Guess what, the key word is ‘PAST’

Although slow on the uptake myself, last time I looked time travel still hasn’t become a reality and therefore we can’t change what has already happened, we can only take charge of the way we respond to it. We, of course, can dwell and mull and overthink and resent AND it won’t make one bit of difference to anything that happened. If it is about how someone did something (or didn’t) then the longer you hold on to the grudge the more hold on you they have. Is that what you want? I suspect not.

Just like me, YOU do have the power to change your perspective and take charge of your own life. WE are all individual, as hard as it may be to come to grips with, it really doesn’t matter where others are at or what they are doing. Totally agree with Jamie that we are on our own journey, we are living in our own circumstances and we can only work within the limitations of our own skills and abilities at that immediate moment in time.

Let’s be more empowered. Let’s be our own person, Let us enjoy our own life, and not resent someone else’s by comparing what they have with what we might want. More focus on where we want to go and less on where others have been and there’ll be a whole lot more energy to devote to our own success.

If you are having a challenge getting the perspective by yourself, feel free to contact me leanne@lginspires.com.au as I totally relate to where you’re coming from.  Spent a bit of time there myself and have learned how to take charge and I can help you too.

Author Leanne Wakeling, Meta Dynamics trained Mindset Coach.  LG Inspires