As humans I think most of us have a belief that mistakes are BAD.  However I am steadily getting comfortable with the idea that mistakes are essential to progress.  Without making mistakes we lack direction and the opportunity to focus where to improve and grow.

Making mistakes is only a problem when we don’t learn the lesson that is available.  A mistake is just not getting the result that we were aiming for or when we do anything that doesn’t turn out the way we expect.  The great thing is, if we reflect on what we did we have a whole lot of feedback on how not to do that next time.

I think of the great inventor, Thomas Edison, who took 10,000 goes at making the electric light bulb.  He didn’t consider the previous versions as failures or mistakes.  Instead he consider them progress, it was that he found 9,999 ways that didn’t work for getting to the result of a working electric light bulb.

The power Edison showed was in having the mindset of seeing the potential.  He was focused on progress rather than failure.  This is a great example to all of us.  We can get caught up feeling sorry for ourselves, yet the opportunity is seeing the lesson and taking that as opportunity to grow.

Reminder, mistakes are ONLY feedback so that you can make adjustments to get you can make progress and achieve what you really want.

Author Leanne Wakeling, Mindset Coach and Behavioural Analyst, LG Inspires.