How-To-Avoid-Negative-Thinking-2-Talking-Back-To-Your-Negative-ThoughtsSelf Discovery

Over the last few months I have been on an amazing journey to self discovery.  I began studying to become a Professional Coach, not a short journey with up to three years to reach the final academic requirements.

Improving Others

I decided on coaching as I wanted to help people at a very fundamental level to improve their lives.  I looked at counselling and this was all about exploring why things were how they are, ie where did they begin.  Coaching looks at our mindset and thoughts, getting us to challenge where those thoughts came from and is that self talk still valid.  Much more my style, acknowledge the past happened and move forward.  One of the most exciting, challenging and fulfilling components has been getting coached myself.

Acknowledging the Past

You will have seen in one of my past blogs about the thoughts I had been holding since childhood that were no longer valid, however were still impacting my life.  Getting coaching has enabled me to recognise those thoughts, challenge their validity and move forward.  For some of us these changes can happen in a session and for others maybe a few.  As my skills are constantly improving I am finding that the speed of achieving change is also increasing.

Considerations when choosing a Coach

There are lots of coaches around and many deliver great outcomes, however a coach with high quality technical skills will more likely to be a member or associate member of an International Coaching body like ICF or ICG.  This kind of affiliation guarantees the depth of their learning and their commitment to ongoing professional development.

Making Progress

Would you like to move forward?  Would you prefer not to have to revisit those events that have been limiting you from the past?  Then find yourself a coach with professional membership and track record of development and results.

Author Leanne Wakeling  Coach LG Inspires.