Military Partner Embracing Challenge1.  Murphy’s Law seems to apply

We feel like Supermum/dad sometimes. It is kind of a badge of honour to go through some crap when you are a military spouse. For some reason Murphy’s Law seems to apply, if it’s gonna go wrong, it’ll be when you are on your own. Can you hammer a nail, fix a puncture, mow the lawn, and be a tutor? Sure can. You are a military spouse.

2.  Often we have no idea what our loved one is doing

When they are away on exercise or deployment, it is often a mystery. We can hardly complain, after all we are in our own bed, even if we would rather they be with us. Yeah, taking out the rubbish is not that big a deal.

3.  Mission trumps family events

It’s not like complaining will make a difference. We might belong to the new age military however we need to be prepared that our military family member may not be able to make it to some of the significant events in our family life. The boss will accommodate what he can and operational requirements trumps when there is a clash. So they may miss a birthday party, an anniversary party, or the early arrival of a baby. The bad stuff happening in the world does not stop because Grandma is celebrating her 70th birthday. So military spouses make the best of it and carry on. No sense crying or stomping over something you have no control over. You just end up with a headache and look bad in the pictures.

4. We embrace challenges because we are part of the Defence Team too.

The behaviours of the military spouse and family impact things like flight safety and operational readiness. The strength behind the uniform, the invisible uniform are not just words strung together. They are the truth. Sending an ADF member to work with a balanced state of mind, knowing everything on the ‘home front’ is being well handled, is integral to the safety of many. Nobody wants to deal with the aftermath of a distracted military member.

5.  Willingness to step into the unknown

Finally, I think most military spouses know in their heart-of-hearts they are making a difference in the world. Their sacrifices and willingness to step into the unknown, take the leap, move across the country, function as the lone parent, for what can amount to years at a time, is helping some other family somewhere on the other side of the world. In case you did not know it, military spouses are kind of a big deal.

Adapted from article by, Vicki L Morrison of ‘Flying Under the Radar’Blog and Canadian Military Family Magazine

Leanne Wakeling, Mindset and Success Coach, Mentor.  LG Inspires.